Rose blasts talks of a Premier League return

Danny Rose has made headlines this week after he blasted talks of a return for the Premier League.

The England international took to Instagram Live, saying: “The government’s saying bring back football to boost morale of the nation. I don’t give a f*ck about the nation’s morale. There are lives are at risk!”

This is after reports surfaced that the Premier League looks to return to action by June 1st. Many players have stated their disapproval of such plans, with fears of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the league is looking to once again becoming operational, with concerns over how such delays will affect the football calendar and revenues for all the clubs.


Proposals for scrapping the season altogether have been conclusively dismissed. This is as many can’t agree on the fairest way to settle the title race, or lack of. Also, the fight to stay in the Premier League.

Former Sunderland boss has said it would be unfair to relegate any team based on the current table, referencing his Sunderland side who escaped relegation in the last 6 games of the season in the 2013/14 season, which saw them seven points adrift in April.

Many clubs involved in the relegation fight are also against the idea of playing at neutral grounds, not wanting to give up home advantage in the most crucial games of the season.

There have also been debates over the likes of Rose, who is on loan at Newcastle, as to whether these deals are extended. Another Spurs full back, Kyle Walker-Peters, has stated his intention to stay on loan at Southampton for the remaining nine games of the season.

Kyle Walker Peters

Out of contract Brazilian Willian has said he will play for Chelsea for free for the remaining games of the season if he must.

As for when the Premier League returns, it is still unclear. But what has been dubbed ‘Project Restart’ will have to impress the players more than current plans do, or there could be a stand-off between the Premier League and its players.

Rose went on the add: “Football shouldn’t be spoken about till numbers [of deaths due to COIVD-19] have dropped massively. It’s b*****ks.”

Others Like Sergio Aguero and Antonio Rudiger have shared their concerns over the potential reintroduction of football. It’s hard to see how a sport can be played safely, with the virus still so prevalent in Britain.

The PFA are fighting for the player’s protection and their rights to be safeguarded, like any other employee in the country, and so they should. The Premier League may have to wait a while longer before its stars can shine.

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