Newcastle United supporters’ desperation for a new owner

From regularly checking Companies House to tracking planes, Newcastle United supporters’ desperation for a new owner runs deep.

A look on the Newcastle United Twitter hashtag will show a set of loyal supporters that are desperate for change. Through every takeover story (And there has been many) there have been countless supporters checking flight paths and trawling through Companies House, wishing, waiting, hoping for a breakthrough.

After thirteen long years of hurt, there now appears to be hope and that’s all Newcastle supporters want, hope. Hope of challenging for a trophy, hope of at least competing with the likes of Wolves and Everton. Newcastle supporters do not expect to be challenging the likes of Manchester City. Something that is a frustratingly common misconception.

Newcastle United isn’t like any other club. It is unique, special, the club is at the heart of everything. Those on the outside looking in will never understand the club or community.

It is one of the reasons supporters become fed up with the mainstream media, printing stories that simply aren’t accurate. Now the club is on the verge of a takeover, the majority of the media are telling the supporters how they should feel. Which is wrong.

For thirteen years, Newcastle United have been in disguise, hidden away. Those who are suddenly turning into human rights activists don’t realise, supporters are excited to see the back of Mike Ashley. Newcastle United have been in the wilderness for far too long. The club and its loyal fan base deserve to see a return of the good times.

Why should supporters be made to feel guilty for supporting their beloved club? Ashley’s torturous reign as owner has left a generation of supporters battered, bruised and bloodied. Ashley was rarely criticised, many heaped praise on the Sports Direct tycoon.

A torturous decade

Ashley has made countless decisions over the years that have ripped the life and soul out of the club.

  • The awful treatment of Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer, Jonas Gutierrez and Chris Hughton.
  • Changing the name of the stadium to The Sports Direct Arena.
  • Hiring Joe Kinnear (Twice).
  • Hiring Dennis Wise.
  • Overseeing two relegations from the Premier League.
  • Lack of investment in the playing squad and facilities.
  • Treating Newcastle supporters with utter contempt.
  • Using St James’ Park as an advertising board for Sports Direct.
  • No communication.

The above are just a handful of poor decisions that have seen the club fall to its knees. Though, in order to be a successful owner of a football club, you must understand its community, what it means to its supporters and its history. Ashley failed to do that, doomed from the start.

Mike Ashley.

Had Ashley arrived at Newcastle United with the best of intentions and a vision to take the club forward, things could have been different. Though, Ashley failed to take it seriously. With no vision and no love for the club, it was always going to be difficult to succeed.

Time for cans?

A further dive into Newcastle United’s Twitter hashtag will see the desperation for refreshments, “cans” if you will. A toast of celebration, relief, happiness and hope of a brighter future.

A new era is about to begin on Tyneside, a Newcastle United with ambition. A frightening prospect for opposing clubs. New owners bring new ideas. As a result, Newcastle supporters can dare to dream once again.

PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Rueben Brothers have the ability to waken a sleeping giant. Collectively, they have the drive, ambition and finance to take the club forward.

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